The ODIM nation has a vast quantity of onshore and offshore areas of Hydrocarbon assets.

The 35,000-sq-km frontier exploration block, which covers the Patuca and Mosquitia sedimentary basins has been surveyed and proposed exploration is justified.

The value of this asset will be a primary resource to the ODIM nation into the future and help capital spending on primary and secondary Infrastructure for the entire ODIM nation.

Odim Offshore Resources

Odim Offshore Resources

Oil Reserves

Oil Reserves

ODIM Resources

The beautiful, friendly, and natural resource rich nation of ODIM is located in the State of Gracias a Dios, northeast of Honduras. Strategically located in Central America, the Caribbean Sea laps its’ pristine white and sandy shores while towering mountains provide a backdrop of tropical rain forests.

The region is populated by the indigenous Muskitia tribes. A proud and resourceful people, who open their hearts and lands to visitors and investors alike.

The interior of ODIM is dominated by the impressive Biosphere of Rio Plátano, a World Heritage of Humanity site since 1982. Its’ vast size of over 800,000 hectares means this region represents 7% of the Honduran territory. The region is considered the most extensive wet tropical forest in all of the Americas.

The biosphere is the habitat of many species of fauna like capuchin monkeys, tigrillo or cat of mount, lynx, jaguar, toucan and macaw, manatees, pythons and anacondas.

This area contains trees that can reach 50 meters in height and there is a great diversity of these to be found. In addition, there are more than 69 archaeological sites, including the well-known Lost City.

In addition to Río Plátano, there is the Tawahka Anthropological Reserve; Patuca National Park; the Caratasca Crustacean Wildlife Refuge and the Rus Rus Biological Reserve, which includes the Warunta mountain range and its famous limestone caves.

ODIM contains vast reserves of untapped natural resources making the area ripe for exploration and development. The potential workforce is large in population, capable in their abilities, and willing to provide their labor to develop their country. The government is friendly to eco-tourism and to investors who want to capitalize on their investments by creating eco-friendly but economically beneficial business enterprises.

The country of ODIM is a beautiful land which, up until now, has remained a secret, hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. With the mix of a progressive government, a large labor force, and its’ many and varied resources, ODIM is now ready to make its’ presence known on the international scene.

Come and Discover, Come and Stay!


  1. Snail 90%
  2. Lobster 95%
  3. Shrimp 60%
  4. Sea Cucumber 70%
  5. King Crab 50%
  6. Jelly Fish 100%
  7. Fish 60%
  8. Octopus 60%
  9. Other 50%
    *Percentage of exports in Honduras coming from the muskitia.


  1. Rivers
  2. Lagoon
  3. Creek
  4. Small Lagoons


  1. Pine Tree
  2. Cedar
  3. Laurel Tree
  4. Mahagony
  5. Arary Tree
  6. Teca


  1. Rice
  2. Beans
  3. Sweet Potato
  4. Bananas
  5. Yucca
  6. Others
  • PORK


ODIM is rich in natural resources and now open to major economic development.


ODIM contains vast reserves of untapped natural resources making the area ripe for development.


ODIM contains more than 69 archaeological sites, including the well-known Lost City.