About the Nation of ODIM

ODIM is a rural area of Honduras, with rich natural resources, which is now open to major economic development.

ODIM Signing PartyIt offers a business-friendly environment through Zones for Employment and Economic Development, commonly referred to as ZEDEs.

ZEDEs are a new, exciting economic model which allows designated areas to build their own pro-business laws and institutions to enable rapid economic growth. Foreign investors bringing industry and development are welcome and will find a friendly business environment with a large, capable, and ready workforce.

ODIM is an unspoiled and beautiful paradise in Central America. Blessed with an abundance of minerals, the largest lumber supply and the best fishing in all of Central America, it is ready for development on a massive scale!

The Honduran Moskitio is a region of many opportunities and is the second largest NATURAL area of America after the Amazon. It is an extensive region of rainforests with the largest area of wetlands in MesoAmerica with swamps, rivers, extensive hardwood and pine forests. It covers two-hundred and fifty kilometers of unspoiled coastline, ten-thousand square miles of plains, and three-thousand square miles of bodies of water.

It is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural region where the Garifuna people co-exist with Moskito, Pech, Tawahkas, and an important Mestizo population.

It includes the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and also large protected areas such as Tawahka Asagni Biosphere, the mountains of Rio Tinto, the wetlands of the Caratasta System, the Rus Rus and Warunta Biological Reserves, and the Bacalar Wetlands Network, among others.

All of these protected areas are part of the most important link in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

The Moskitio occupy fifteen percent of the country and concentrates thirty three percent of the country’s bio-diversity. The diversity of the ecosystem and its’ rich cultural heritage turn the region into an important destination for ecotourism. Their biological richness attracts worldwide tourists and scientists for bird watching, the observation of crocodiles, manatees, snakes, insects, jaguars, emerald beetle, harpy eagles, plus wildlife trails in different protected areas of the Moskitio.

In addition, tourists can enjoy the rich cuisine of the living culture of the region. It also offers archeological attractions highlighted by the Sikre and Twas Rivers, the mythical white city, and the legend of the village of giants.

The region offers services for tourists with hostels, dining rooms, guides, land and water transportations in the communities of Batalla, Palacios, Plaplaya, Belen, Raista, New Jerusalem, Las Marias, Brus Laguna, and Barra Patuca, among others. So, your stay will be very pleasant.

Local trade is subject to the import of high consumption products that meet the needs of the people which are transported by sea from the city of La Ceiba to Brus Laguna and Puerto Lempira.

The land way is also the most important route for the region where they circulate hundreds of tons of merchandise from Tocoa to Batalla. This initiates the operation of water transport to the rest of the communities in the region. In addition, there are airlines that operate in Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba to Brus Laguna and Puerto Lempira. In the same way, the communities of Moskitia exports their products to the rest of the country. 

Fishing is the main source of economic income for communities. About twenty eight thousand people make a living with this activity. They get fish species of high quality and commercial value such as Snook, Kawacha, Curbina, Queen Conch, Shrimp, Spiny lobster, Jellyfish, Cucumber, and multiple species of cyprinids.

The Miskito fishing industry is the most important industry in the country. In spiny lobster exports alone, Honduras generates more than eight hundred million Lempiras annually and create more than four thousand direct jobs. The artisan industry of dried fish is very important because the region produces seventy percent of what is consumed in Honduras. Fishermen are organized with negotiation skills and basic infrastructure for the collection, ice production, processing and distribution of their product to the rest of the country. The Lagoons are a potential for controlled, high market demand species such as sea bass, shrimp, clams, prawns, among others.

The Moskitio has the largest forest reserve in Mesoamerica with more than eight hundred thousand acres of rainforest and three hundred and fifty thousand hectares of pine forests. There are Agroforestry Cooperatives with management plans granted by the State of Honduras for forest harvesting. The CAIFUL, located in the municipality of Brus Laguna, has a management plan of nineteen thousand and fifty five hectares.

Mahogany is extracted and exported mainly to the USA for the manufacture of Gibson guitar parts. The Honduran Mahogany is considered the best mahogany in the world and there are various species of timber color with high value on the international market.

There are other forest and medicinal products still to be explored. These are important for their value on the international market as batana, swa oil, recina pine, gum, rubber, and bark tuno, among others.

Currently, the region produces some of the best bitter cocoa from Honduras and blocks of chocolate are processed as raw material for export.

The Moskitia is the site of countless legends and wonderful scenery. Its’ charms have fascinated the world and there is no doubt about the potential of the resources it has for the development of the region and the country.

Come! Discover it! Know it, live it, and enjoy it!

ODIM is the newest international frontier! A new land that is wide open to development! ODIM is established as a business friendly sovereign state with its’ own laws and government! Where the rules are being written to accommodate business! Where anything you can dream is possible!

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Pictured above: Stephanie Aurelia Reyes Funez, Foundation President; Seth Paisano Wood, Senator Honduras; Teonela Paisano Wood, Mayor ODIM; Waldomar Cabrera Wood Indian tribal leader, ODIM



ODIM is rich in natural resources and now open to major economic development.


ODIM contains vast reserves of untapped natural resources making the area ripe for development.


ODIM contains more than 69 archaeological sites, including the well-known Lost City.